"Do you like Cal?"

"Yeah, a long time ago, I liked him very much."

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Finding out you can watch an entire season at once:


Finding out the next season won’t come out til 2015:


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when you meet a cute boy then you find out he’s too old for you 

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how do i get over someone who i never dated

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I have more otps than life ambitions

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hey you wanna do a fun prank we can hold hands and cuddle and makeout and make everyone think we’re dating it will be so hilarious

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i will never stop reblogging this. 

The best gif set of 2012, HANDS DOWN. 

i think i died

Tears, guys. Tears.

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I hate when people ask questions during movies like do you not understand that the movie purposly doesn’t tell you things in order to build suspense

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Mark Ruffalo at San Diego Comic Con

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The most feared family throughout Westeros during shooting season 4
Blooper reel (x)

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*puts shoulder on son* hand

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I miss the future

Iva. 17. We are doomed to remember what never really happened.